Dr. China Allen

Dr. China Allen serves as Lead Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor, and Founder of TeleBehavioral Wellness, LLC.  For 17 years Dr. Allen has been practicing as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) after earning a Doctorate Degree in Counseling Psychology. Dr. Allen holds both state license and national board certifications as a psychotherapeutic practitioner.  Having demonstrated a career of clinical competence, Dr. Allen has specialized experience working in the areas of Behavioral Health and Wellness, Substance Use Disorders, Mind-Body Healthcare, and Life Coaching.   Dr. Allen has acquired many years of grassroots field-based client experiences in a wide variety of clinical service delivery systems that have enabled and qualified her to practice independently as both a Psychotherapist and Transformational Life Coach.  Additionally, Dr. China Allen is highly sought after as a consultative psychological health subject matter expert (SME) where she provides T/TA training on the utilization of integrative health and wellness evidenced-based therapeutic treatment modalities.

Dr. China, as she is affectionately known has considerable experience providing clinical mental and behavioral health services for people experiencing emotional health issues and their related life challenges.  Some of the clinical issues she treats include Depression, Substance Use Disorders, Chronic Pain, Insomnia/Sleep Issues, Anxiety/Stress Management, Grief, and Post-Traumatic Stress, among other debilitating life-altering or quality of life issues. 

Committed to providing access for the traditionally underserved, Dr. China has an innate sensibility for helping culturally diverse special populations learn how to develop more functional coping skills to better manage their psychological health concerns, which has resulted in countless successful life-enhancing positive outcomes inclusive of Military Veterans, Service Members, and their Families, Offenders, the LGBTQ community, and individuals living with HIV/AIDS.

While Dr. China recognizes that there’s no single one size fits all therapeutic approach, she draws her clinical orientation from SFBT, MET, CBT and CPT treatment interventions. Also, Dr. China brings added value to her patients by facilitating Cognitive Therapy mind-body treatment modalities and can even offer clients Clinical Hypnotherapy and Emotional freedom techniques (EFT) aimed at developing her client’s self-care skills so they are empowered in using them throughout their lives. Dr. China’s integrative health and mental wellness practice approach orientation style ensure that she works therapeutically with the whole person.

Dr. China Allen welcomes inquiries for consultative opportunities to facilitate your next workshop, seminar, panel, or speaking engagement event.  You are invited in advance to join her on an unforgettable journey of thought-provoking discourse, transformative sustainable self-care, and life-enhancing empowerment!

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