Meditative Monday Series: Mental Clearing for 2019 – Week 4


As we begin week 4 of our Series this week I discuss “Affirmations.”  In the last Blog Post, I outlined how practicing #nonjudgement is one of those important states of mind and that when practiced gets us unstuck and helps move us forward in the mental clearing process.  This week we look at how being #selfaffirming, engaging in positively charged self-talk and making declarative statements, helps us cleanse our mind of negative thoughts, mantras, and energy that does not serve us.  These “Affirmations” serve as the cleansing agents that allow us to reroute preconditioned perpetuating self-defeating messages to create the necessary space to realize a mental clearing. Why not let our positive affirmation(s) become our self-fulfilling prophecy today?


What are Affirmations?  Affirmations are statements, assertions or an assertion that states something exists that we declared to be true.  We can use them to assist us in the mental clearing process. Daily we use them anyway because either consciously or subconsciously we make statements or judgments about ourselves or our lives.


Thoughts that we repeat whether out loud or in our mind is activated in our brain regardless of if it’s negative or has a positive focus, it’s messages all stay with us to become part of who we are.  Daily, we seed our thoughts to grow. Our thoughts can be conceptualized using a gardening analogy, that is if you plant green bean seeds in a pot or garden green beans will grow, not potatoes or anything else.  Meaning, whatever it is that your plant is what will grow in the likeness of what you planted. That process is analogous to repeating an #affirmation. And, the same is true for what we plant in our brain’s Reticular Activating System (RAS) because it doesn’t distinguish a thought as either negative or positive, it merely registers it.  It’s been estimated that of the estimated 16,000-50,000 thoughts a day 75-80 percent of them are negative. However, we can short-circuit this kind of pessimistic thinking and instead replace it with positive affirmations.


If we practice saying to ourselves and meditating on “Focus Affirmations” we will experience a profound mind-shift in our feelings, thoughts, and beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world around us. Many of us are familiar with the many variations of the ontological teachings attributed to everyone from Socrates, Buddha, et. al, which states that “What You Think You Become.” While arguably by many, what is clear is that this useful pseudo-quote additionally suggests that the outcomes of our actions are determined by our mental state. And, that should keep us all encouraged and feeling empowered!  


Why we should use affirmation? We should use affirmations to join in conscious creation for influencing our behavior, habits, actions, and reactions, which puts us in a better position to transform not only our inner dialog but our outer world as well.  When we repeat affirmative statements we use our positive affirmations to motivate, energize, and inspire us about things that are important and empowering to us. Affirmations make you consciously aware of your thoughts, and when we think positive thoughts it’s much easier to control the negative thoughts before they take over.


How do we construct affirmations?  An affirmation is a short, powerful statement. They allow us to consciously be in control of our thoughts. An affirmation should be carefully constructed to have the most impact. When we say them or think them, they become the thoughts that shape our reality.

Try this:

  • Commit to “Affirmation Time” and devote some “you” times during the day for repeating them.
  • Start by verbalizing out loud a declaration of your love for yourself.
  • Search yourself by asking yourself introspectively “what do you really, or would like to get from what your #affirming, and what you want to show up in your life?”  You may want to do some process journaling to be sure.
  • Be specific in your affirmations.
  • State your affirmations as if they are true right now.
  • Commit to the belief of your affirmations. If you don’t your subconscious will register your disingenuousness and trigger resistant as a form of cognitive dissonance.  To help with this, listen to positive empowering audio, visual, or written materials to keep you moving towards more positive energy, which includes re-evaluating the company you keep and your inner circle.
  • Consider doing some healing work if some of your affirmations make you acutely emotionally uncomfortable.  Your self-help work can consist of focused process journaling regarding those emotions connected to the uncomfortable feelings, incorporating binaural beats, brainwave music, solfeggio frequencies, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and/or consider consultation with a Licensed Mental Health Professional for Emotional freedom techniques (EFT), or to obtain a complete mental wellness evaluation.
  • Repeat your chosen affirmation(s) and say them over and over until you believe them.
  • Write affirmations that begin with “I am” statements because that personalization is your command cue to your subconscious mind that you are giving yourself a directive.
  • Be mindful of your tense, which is your timeline.  Be specific so that you can visualize the outcome.
  • Make your affirmation about what you want to do, not what you don’t want to do. If you make it about what you don’t want to do in the negative your subconscious will pick it up and register it as foreboding pessimism, so you’ll lose all positive momentum of your statement.
  • Be brief and make your affirmation short and to the point.
  • Your affirmation should be meaningful and uniquely speak to you on all levels.
  • Your affirmation is should ONLY be about you, your actions, and no one else.
  • More on “self-love.”  Make sure throughout this affirmation process that you declare your love for yourself in terms that express self-love, and your being deserving of the things of your desire, and not merely focus on obtaining or acquiring financial, material gain, or merely the acquisition of business goals objectives to be met.  There is a level of anxiety that can be brought about by perpetuating the notion of lack and scarcity in your life, which misses the point of obtaining a baseline mental clearing using positive affirmations at this level of the mental cleansing process.
  • Repeat you’re positive affirmations wherever you are, and whenever you want to realize optimal results.

Lastly, by being self-affirming, engaging in our self-talk, making declarative statements we can indeed cleanse our mind of negative thoughts.  Regardless of whether negative or positive focused, daily the messages which are like the seeds of our thoughts, embed in our mind, are activated in our brain, and unless short-circuited all stay with us to becomes part of who we are.  Our outer world can be positively altered by transforming our inner dialog by making time for practicing positive affirmations. Practicing positive declarative affirmations make us consciously aware of our positive thoughts and plug us into our subconscious as an active partner.  Self-affirming statements give us access to our subconscious and are registered as seeds of willingness and commitment to our intentions. The process allows us to partner on a conscious level with our brain to advocate for ourselves thereby empowering us to be our best and most supportive advocate at the most critical level of our personal growth and development, which is our mind.  It is at that level of personal awareness that you can be the most effective in your conscious creation by influencing your behavior, habits, actions, and reactions positively. You will realize the impact of these short powerful statements as you begin to have an awareness that your thoughts are contributing positively to directly shape your reality as they take form and begin moving towards what you have been affirming.  And, it is within this realization of the impact of your positive affirmations where you will begin experiencing that sense of mental freedom that comes with a calmer mind from the release of negative thought patterns.  It is likely that you will be able to see and feel the #mindsetshift and just as likely will be able to identify that state of mind as the mental clearing that you have been working towards.


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