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No need to plan or drive rushing to get to an appointment ever again. By using TeleBehavioral Wellness you take yourself off the road and out of the rat race. We enable to you eliminate all drive time and travel-related expenses (i.e. gas, childcare,  lost wages, or time off work), and instead let you tailor and book an online e-Therapy, Transformational Life Coaching, or Clinical Hypnotherapy appointment that works your way. 


Eliminate the hassle of trying to fit an appointment into your day. Through our online calendar, you can set your teletherapy or life coaching appointments anytime and anywhere that you know you have a space to have privacy available, you can even choose from nights or weekend slots.


Your privacy is of our utmost concern. We help you protect it like never before because there is no physical waiting room. When meeting with your therapist or coach for an appointment online, you’ll NEVER bump into anyone. Ever!



Whether you would prefer to be in the comfort of your home… a private secure office… in your own space or comfort zone…  or even outdoors!  YOU decide what environment will allow you to feel the most comfortable that enables you to get the most out of your teletherapy or life coaching session.


You will meet with your service provider online in real-time, and be able to have in-depth conversations just like you would have in the old-fashion way of being in a traditional office. Only, now your sessions are virtual TeleTherapy Counseling or Transformational Life Coaching services accessible using your PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone provided they all have webcams, Wi-Fi, a high-speed internet connection, messaging, or email capability.


TeleBehavioral Wellness utilizes secure video conferencing technology and complies with the HIPAA and HITECH Act to protect your electronic protected health information (ePHI) to provide you with both privacy and security protections.


Let’s face it, some stigma exists around seeking mental or behavioral health services and some people may feel uncomfortable about going into an office to receive these services, however, e-Therapy, also known as TeleTherapy allows people an online option to participate in treatment in privacy from anywhere they feel comfortable.

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➡Help you identify strategies

to cope with difficult situations

➡Help you find ways to better relate

to other people

➡Figure out why you do the things you do

➡Encourage you to try on new thoughts, attitudes, and ways of thinking

➡Teach you how to accept and love yourself

for the uniqueness of who you are

➡Support you as you deal with the hard stuff you would normally avoid

➡Be there for you to encourage and

to achieve personal goals

➡Be that impartial balanced objective listener that doesn’t judge,

rather instead help you consider new perspectives


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2 Free Consultations


Upon receiving your confirmation receipt, you will receive a short 5 -minute questionnaire where you will provide us with the kind of information that will be worthwhile for you during your 1st FREE  initial 15-minute Telephone Consultation. This intake form will make your upcoming online TeleTherapy or Coaching session most productive.


We will contact you by email and you will be given instructions for selecting an appointment date and time to receive a FREE 15-minute Telephone Consultation.  During this introduction meeting, we will clarify your stated issue(s) or goals, and answer any outstanding questions that you may have about working together. 


After speaking, if we mutually decided to enter into a therapeutic or coaching relationship together you will be emailed and given a secure HIPAA-compliant access code to be able to access the website’s online calendar to schedule your next telehealth or telewellness appointment.  It is at that time that you will be able to then electronically pay by credit/debit card in advance for your initial full 45-minute online Therapy or Coaching session. 

Instructions on how to redeem and obtain your 2nd FREE 15-minute session additionally will be detailed in your welcome package.


TeleBehavioral Wellness’s mission is to provide private high quality ethically compliant life coaching and telehealth clinical therapeutic services that meet psychological industry standards and guidelines.  Our goal is to offer individualized problem-solving personal growth and development options.  We provide practical answers for personalized solution-focused resolution and intervention strategies for emotional, behavioral, and mental health issues or stressful life adjustment challenges through online virtual TeleTherapy Counseling and Transformational Life Coaching.